First start first victory

It was my first start in this season for me and for my new sponsor ASICS.
It was a little bit spontaneous, because my last weeks were full of kilometers and
also full of altitude training. I felt like I can`t run fast, but therefore through steep and rough terrain for a long time. For the first time since 1,5 years, I came back on track with my friend Daniel Gebert (professional triathlete) and we did some intervals to check how bad in shape we are at our speedwork. But it was`t to bad at all. So thatswhy I wanted to know how fast I can run a half marathon on a windy, not so easy round course.

I ran my own rhythm and did`t realize how fast I was going. Just after kilometer 5, which I passed in 16:50, I began to dream of a good time. And it felt quite good until KM 15. I passed the 10k in just about 34:30min, which means a super pace for this course. At this time I was 3min in the lead. After 15k in just about 51min, my legs began to hurt, because the wind still came from ahead and was very strong. I was alone, there was no one with me. As I passed the last check point, there was a 2km long trail and I took a last look on my Fenix 2. Than I started my finish sprint and today I know where my muscle soreness came from.

I finished this not so easy 300m of ascent windy course in a time of 1:12,16h, which means that I can run now as fast as years ago, when I ran a 1:09,50h on a flat course. I don not think about competing in more road races, rather in hitting the trails faster than the years before and really getting dangerous for the worlds elite runners of trailrunning.

Immediately afterwards I switched my Fuji Racer to Fuji Pro to hit another 10km trail up to Mount Dörnberg and back. And later this day I had a short very easy ride with my girlfriend on the mtb`s. All in all it was a perfect day.

I met a lot of friends, which all did a great race too. Janine & Tobi, Andy, Flo B. & Flo E., Marvin, Gerhard! Congrats!


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