Christoph, a good friend of mine and I had a perfect day at the Berg Hotel in Friedrichroda.
We took part at the 3. Swim&Run competition with a nice running course. First Christoph had to swim 500m on a 25m track. Unfortunately, a judge miscounted his rounds, so he swum 550m.
The time of the swimmers had been crucial for the starting time of the runners. The slowest swimmer had to run first, so I had a lot of slow swimmers in front of me. As one of the last I paced up the stairway, which had an extra rating. Fast through the floors, I got a bit dizzy and jumped down the stairway. I overtook a lot of runners, which just had some words for me like: cranc, insane, holy shit…
Immediately afterwards I had to run a 5k loop. This was quite as hard as the stairway, because weather wasn`t good and I was a little knocked from pacing up and down. Shortly after the finish line we realized that Team EPO had won this race with a great time. #timeforparty

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