BIMA Ultra Trail

At first: A big praise to the organization team of the Bilstein-Marathon.
I`ve never ran a race, where any kilometer point and any aid station where perfectly constructed.
Thanks for that – it was a pleasure to run there and hopefully I will run there in `16.


The BIMA is one of the big races near Kassel and still can hook up with the big ones like Rennsteiglauf, or any other marathon event.

Yesterday, the sun was shining all over a beautiful landscape. It was a bit fresh, but perfect conditions to run an ultra marathon. Just in time, the ultra runners got on their way to hit the 57.5k with 1700m of elevation gain. One hour before, the 42k-wanderers got on their way and soon we met them. There was no time when I was alone on my run, because later we met also the 42k-runners and the half marathon runners. This helped me to grab runners in front of me and overtook them.


The trails were awesome. There were some really spectacular up and downhills and technical parts too; and I got remembered to the Mont Blanc Marathon, where it was a good mix of forest roads and trails too. There were just in a few cases some flat meters – the other parts were permanent up or down.


In the first 4 or 5 kilometers, I ran together with the later 4th and 5th runner. They knew the trails and gave me some tips. Then I turned on my Ipod and led me guide through the woods. Soon I had a good lead. At every aid station I took some water and saved some energy up. Until kilometer 35 I flew over the trails and then: „The hammer-men“. He guided me until kilometer 42. Then I got an „eating attack“ and let the hammer men back the aid station. I passed the Marathon in 3:06 and 1200m elevation gain behind me.


The last 15k were hard for the muscles and my head, but I still enjoyed it. I learned a lot while the run. I did it well with my energy and had trained and recovered very good before the ultra. Even those 4 bike turns the days before were the best I`ve ever done before running a competition. Also I learned that the pain is coming closer and had the peak at the marathon-mark. But if you`re running further, the pain won`t get harder – it remains on the same level and if you hear the voices at the finish line, the pain is away and the joy comes up.


The finish was very emotional, because I´ve never ran so far. Everybody congratulated me for the fast time and my power. It was a perfect day and I think, when I had a partner which I can run the whole trail together, the time can be beaten by myself for minutes.


  [pic by Ines Hempel]

Now I need to recover, before I start the next adventure at the Ultra Trail Lamer Winkel in bavarian forest at the end of may.


For those who are interested in my running gear:

GPS                  Garmin Fènix 2

backpack         ASICS Fuji Trail light

shoe                 ASICS Fuji Pro (best shoe I´ve ever run for those long-runs)

energy             Ultra Sports Buffer and a bottle of Ultra Sports Level X (berry)

2x PowerBar Gels [+ cookies, sausage and pretzels while my eating attack]

Ipod                 shuffle mode: from Vengaboys to Helene Fischer, over Hip Hop and Electronic

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