TrailRunner on a MTB

What can I say? – I love this „Feiyu Tech-Thing“. This is another test footage of this 3-axis handheld gimbal, which is responsible for ultra smooth videos with your GoPro.

I am using my Hero3+ with a lens cap for protection and I found out, that I can easily screw a broomstick on the gimbal. So it`s more like a camera crane or an extension bar. This makes it perfectly useful for filming from above, or if you want to shoot a wide angle, where you cannot walk or run easily.

This video is a short breakdown of a friend of mine and me, playing in the dirt with our bikes. We are driving around in a local pump track. When I am not running, mountain biking is one of my favorite transportation. In the week before the Bilstein Ultra Trail, I had to recover and just had to upright my excitement. So I have chosen my hardtail and took the trail a little more fun than the month before.

The pump track is also a good work-out for runners. If you do it right, you can push your mtb without kicking the pedals to top speed. You just have to pull the bar fast before uphill and as well push it down when downhill. Similarly you have to shift the center of your bodies gravity in the front or back and you can support the pull/push-phase with your legs. Try it and don`t let the fingers from the break, because it could get very fast. If you have the right technique, you will feel the flow and as well the effort in your lungs, thigh and arms.

[music by: Kid Cholera – Vast Difference, Creative Common License.]

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