This is a review of the last six weeks with some insane trainings and some victorious competitions.

While I am doing a lot of hill training and more endurance than speed performance, I had to test myself during the Kassel Marathon over the half distance. It was a very short-term decision, because I declared just one day before to run this half marathon. But I love to be spontaneous. The plan was to run something between 69min and 72min.

What does my training look like, to focus these fast times?

I did nothing for the planned 3:20pace. Instead of pushing myself on a track, I decided to ran up the Herkules until I had 47km with over 1200+ just two days before. Maybe to hard? No, I think not! I finished the half marathon in a not so good 74min in 5th position. But I also finished a week with over 130km and 4000+. So it was quit a good training week – and what I would like to say, I am a trail runner and no track`n`fieldy. This is no excuse 😉

one day before half marathon in Kassel

The next couple of weeks where full of trail tours around Kassel and my hometown in thuringian forest. I tested another time my speed during a 15km trail run with over 1000+. It felt as good as drinking some cold water on a hot day! And even the hot days were a perfect preparation for my upcoming races, even when the the next to stages required more winter equipment than summer stuff.


My next adventure started on a friday afternoon. It was time to get to know all the other crazy ASICS Frontrunners of the trail team during the Ultra Trail Lamer Winkel. It was a weekend full of friends, rain, pain, shootings and 100% trail running. I have to say, that ASICS has built up a great team and I am proud to be part of it. There are different kinds of people, everyone with a tiny quirk. But this is so positive and necessary and even more unique, that the Frontrunner program is one of the best things that happened in my sportive career.

DSC_4916The UTLW was a great event, with awesome trails through bavarian forest. I just took the 13km with 700+ to get a little more speed for upcoming races. Through the rain I felt the pain and the breathing of the challengers in my back. Just over 1 hour I reached the finish line and had a lot of fun. These trails are mind-boggling. Congrats to all winners and all finishers over the 13km and the kings and queens from the long distance. Nice to see you all running, laughing and partying hard.

30.05.2015: Asics Frontrunner Trail Team Shooting am Großen Arber - © Marco Felgenhauer / Woidlife Photography
30.05.2015: Asics Frontrunner Trail Team Shooting am Großen Arber – © Marco Felgenhauer / Woidlife Photography

Just about two weeks later I met one of THE Frontrunners in general: Mr. Florian Neuschwander aka Running With The Flow. Exactly I met him twice. Once for a small talk in a local tattoo studio, where he sat a long day, to get a waterproofed make up – oh no sorry – I meant a stunning piece of art on his arm. And I met him a week later, when he trained hard for the Chase Cooperate Challenge in Frankfurt and nevertheless he found some time to run local trails with me.


Now I am sitting on my desk and don`t know what to write about the Zugspitz Ultra Trail.

All in all it was my first start at germanys greatest trail running event and I have to say: It was an adventure. The weather was bad, too bad to run the original route up to Alpspitze (2029), but good enough to have some fun on muddy technical up and downhills. The mandatory equipment was to much for me, because I`ve never trained with that much kilos on my back. And challengers where strong – to strong to finish at Stockerl, but nice to swim in a high quality field of top runners from all over the world to a great 4th position. I am really proud of this and it showed me, that I can reach my goals. Congrats to Lukas Sörgl from Team Salomon. He is a new talented youngster in the trail scene and even Marcus Baur from Team Merrel – it was great to fight with you and a bit exciting during the race, because I switched my positions from 1 to 8 and back, until I finished 4th. Great to see what`s possible!



My next footsteps will be set in july, when I will participate in the Sky Runner World Series the third time after starting twice in 2014. This race will be one of the hardest but also most beautiful of the whole World Cup. The course will lead us from Limone sul Garda up to 2200+ and back on just 22km. Just three weeks later, I will race the first Mont Blanc Sky Race with a course of just 11km and 2200m uphill. This is more than a vertical K, this is vertical K x 2! And than I need to hope, that I am in a good shape for this years Gore-Tex Transalpine Run. This 8-day-stage-race will be my first stage-race until now and for sure the best adventure I`ll ever take part for this year. Thanks ASICS, Sziols and all the people around me for your support!


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