Gore-Tex Transalpine Run

This is the story of the most incredible,

the most spontaneous and

the most successful trip

over the #alps

with a good friend!


ATTENTION: If you are easily getting jealous about joy, pain, familiarity and outdoor sports, please don`t read on.


It is something between June and August. I got the `OK`to run the #transalpinerun2015. But I had no partner until yet. I decided to write the guy of #asicsbeatthesun. He looks like he could run some trails and is smiling all the day. Seemed like good conditions for an 8-day-trail-trip.

I wrote him on Facebook like this: `Hi, I am Benny. Want to join me to run the Transalpine Run? I know we don`t know – but could be great to hit some trails!`He just answered: `Sorry guy, want to run the Berlin Marathon. I am out`.

Project: TAR cancelled!


Next day: I`ve got a message: `Hey jo, I am in – nothing better than running trails.` I had the biggest smile on my face since I´ve got my first Lolly.

A couple of weeks later. TAR is starting in just one week. I did`t heard anything from Lukas, he did`t heard anything from me. I´ve got a call: `Whats up?` – `Here is Lukas, I think we need to talk about, how we want to prepare the #tar?!`

Every other participant has been running for a while with his/her partner at least in the training. We just knew each other from the internet. I saw a photo – he must be incredible huge. I felt small!

There was the day when #oberstdorf awoke. I met Lukas at the registration and we agreed for some Kas`spatzle tonight. Right before, we sat in this big two hall to listen to the race briefing. Everything seemed so mightily. So many smiling faces, so many things to consider, so so so…

While we ate some Kas`spatzle, we spoke about our expectations. Our contemplations corresponded. We want to run and see how we can get out there – still alive and with a smile!

It is 10 a.m.: Still a luxury start in the day, but we learned this lesson later. It was warm, sunny – perfect to have some fun. Out of Oberstdorf, there were still some wider roads to run fast. It was a little bit to fast for me, but I decided to run with these guys. The trails were beautiful and had some technical parts. But in the end, I could`t run to fast, because that would have killed me. Later I knew, that I had drunk not enough.

We came in in 6th position. In the evening we spoke about adjusting our goals. Top10 could be possible. Besides some trail runners from the #asicsfrontrunner team, no one knew us. But later in this week, we´ve got more and more attention. This was funny and even pushed us to the limit.

Lukas and I got along well. We shared not just a room for this long week, we shared our passion, our stuff and our experiences. We motivated ourselves mutually and all day long. We stood up with a smile and had a lot of fun during this adventure.

There were some stages, were we had to find our rhythm. Even when we thought we had no rhythm, it was`t bad at all, because we became faster and faster in this week.

Abruptly we found ourselves between all these great runners and we began to fight. It was the fight for the 3rd position overall. We`ve never thought about this occasion for a place at podium before the start. But our urge became bigger and bigger.

In the end it was a tiny, barely gap. But this gap was behind us!

I don`t want to tell you the facts and specs of the 11th Gore-Tex Transalpine Run 2015, because this is something you will find out, when you are going to run this huge thing. I just wanted to say #thankyou to all of you, especially Lukas and my girlfriend, my family and friends and also to #asics and #asicsfrontrunner, #sziols and #gore-tex!




Big respect to Oscar & Marc, Daniel & Ivan, Urs & Ruedi – it was great to fight with you!

At least, congratulations to all of you trail runners: You can go hard!

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