Island addiction

There are days, when I remember back to this beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.

This is the ilè de beautè – an island with a special fragrancy and a lot of hot spots for outdoor enthusisats.

There are just some kilometers from the sea to the mountains.

You can go by bike or foot, to get to all this amazing places.

One really special summit is the Capu di a Veta.

Just a small mountain near Calvi.

Look at these incredible sunrises.

This is Corsica!

These pictures are the results of 4-o`clock-beach-to-summit-trail-runs.

I ran it three times in a row and another two times hiking with my family, because I could`t get enough.

If you ever get the chance to see the nature through the eyes of an early-bird – take it!

You`ll not be disappointed. I promise!

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