Into 2016…

I had a total unexpected great season 2015. It was a year full of adventures, new lovely people and good old friends. I have seen so much of this beautiful earth, had a lot of time to run through the wilderness and had been grown beyond myself. This is almost unbeatable – but I hope 2016 will bring a lot of more breathtaking adventures.

The year is just beginning and it has started quit good. Some of the following photos were taken while some training kilometers and there will be much more, which keep you up to date during my trainings and competitions. There are just a few short competitions I will take part in the first half of 2016, but soon the big ones will come closer. I don`t have planned any fix races, because of my private career. But any time the window opens for me, I will pack my car and drive to the mountains. I am eagerly which mountains I will run this year. As I ran many times in the south of Europe last year, I am looking forward to get to know the north face.

I would be happy if you will be again my companion in 2016. For this keep following via your mail at the end of this site and get updates through my newsletter. You also get the chance to follow my IG, where I upload a lot of more daily pictures and seriously you have to follow my via Facebook.

It is time to say THANK YOU to my family, who stand always by my side, attending me and keep pushing me through every race. But also THANK YOU to #ASICSFRONTRUNNER for your support, gear and a great community to share my running passion. THANK YOU #Sziols for perfect vision and great style in any situation. THANK YOU #BikeFacts for the rolling stuff for alternative training moments and #KasslerSparkasse for your trust! I am proud to have these partners again in 2016!

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