ASICS Fuji Runnegade [test]

The all new ASICS Fuji Runnegade is a grenade for muddy and snowy trails. Its fitting is very well, because the upper material is very tough. But inside the shoe, you have something like neoprene. This ends with the ankle perfectly. Stones and other things have no chance to get inside the shoe. The heel-to-toe-difference is very flat. It looks like you have no cushioning, but that`s still not true. There aren`t any gel elements inside the sole, but the profile is so high, that you can easily run distances up to half marathon or longer. The shoe is lightweight and tough and the grip is all what you have ever looked for.

I tried it a few times in different tuned options. I did my sundaily long run through trail and field landscape, when snow and mud were still there. The run was about 30km with a lot of ups and downs. On no time I had the feeling to miss more comfort. Even fast downhill passages were very well and supported. I tried to switch the original insole with a sport insole (Currex), that is a little bit more comfortable, because of its softer cushioning. For long runs, this option is perfect.

Another shorter trail run, I did without any insole, not even the original. The shoe got more lightweight and faster. Because of its flat toe box, I had enough stability to run fast into some curves.

After all this nice runs, the shoe seems to be not tired at all. There are no scratches, abrasion or other things, that could disturb the optic or function. As I said this shoe is a grenade!

Alternatives for you as customer can be the Salomon Slab Fellcross, but it is a bit tighter or the La Sportiva Crosslite, which has a neoprene not inside the shoe but over the lacing.

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