Feiyu Tech Gimbal G4 [test]

Did you ever asked yourself, how the f*ck did they get so smooth videos?

This is the answer! The Feiyu Tech handheld gimbal G4 – a three axis steady cam, that let your videos look like more professional than mounting the action cam somewhere on your body or outdoor gadget.

This piece of aluminium is for the usage with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and the new 4. You can easily mount your cam on the frame and you can see your Hero 4 monitor or the backpack monitors of your Hero 3, 3+ cameras.

The gimbal is perfect for filming someone who is already in action, like a runner or a mountain biker, maybe a parkour runner. It is so lightweight, that you can take it in one hand and focus the object you are following. Even when you run or ride behind or next to someone, the video looks great and smooth. For some shots in dirty areas, please use a lens cap for your GoPro, because it`s not possible to mount it with the waterproofed backpack.

The aluminium milled 20cm long gear is very robust. It has the three axis and different modes. You can focus an object and if the objects direction is still the same, you can go where you want, the camera is always to the object. Mode 2 is to slide through a landscape. The camera is following your direction and smoothly turn into bents. Mode 3 is an upside-down option, when you want to film nearly at the bottom. All three modes seems to be very useful. After the last firmware update, you can turn the cameras filming angle per hand. If you want to film from above, you now can easily turn the angle downwards to get the birds eye.

The battery life is about 2,5h and you can connect the GoPro per micro USB to charge it while filming. Also the GoPro bar mounts allow you to be creative and mount the Gimbal to your chest or your helmet or what ever you want. I`ve tried it while biking around through snow, as you can see in the video above. The ground was very choppy, but the horizon very clean. That`s the work of this steady cam.

In the next few weeks and month, you will get more small clips, to get more details about mounting this gear and what to use it for. Stay tuned and impressed for high definition smooth films.

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