Reebok ZPump Fusion [test]

Pump it, feel it, run it.

Not too bad for Reebok and its new interpretation of the ZPump Fusion running shoe. If you are in the shoe, you can start to pump the small but well seen button on the outside (the bigger one), next to the air outlet. You have to push it very often, about 50 times, until you can feel, that your ankle gets more stability. The upper mesh seems to be seamless and its fitting is very comfortable. Even brighter feet will find enough place.

Without any deeper details about material that`s used for cushioning, the shoe feels very comfortable. It looks like this shoe is a good allrounder for different distances on the street and even parks. I think that the outsole won`t be tough enough for many kilometers through the woods and on trails, because its „z-style“ is predestined to collect small stones and mud.

If you have finished your run, it is advisable to let out the air, that you don`t break the chambers.

What can be an alternative to the pump-shoe?

If you buy running shoes, it is important to make an analysis of your feet, leg axis and running style. If you have a good adviser, he will be able to give you some different-but-still-working-for-your-need-shoes. An alternative to the ZPump Fusion could be the Asics Gel-Super J33. It is also lightweight, stable with an almost seamless upper material and good for all distances. The Super J33 is a little bit closer to your feet, but it`s outsole a bit more tough.

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